Monday, September 29, 2014

Synaesthesia: Change support band for The Bedford gig.

New progressive rock band Synaesthesia have made the following announcement:

ANNOUNCEMENT - We are amending our recent gig announcement.
We are still performing at The Bedford in Balham, London but unfortunately, no longer with The Gift. Instead, we will now be headlining and Fuzzy Nautilus will be supporting us. We're really looking forward to this as it will be our first headlining show. On top of this, our second 'proper gig' since supporting IQ at De Boerderij in Holland for their Christmas Show last year as we have only done festival slots since.
We will be performing our headlining show in The Globe Theatre room at The Bedford on the 30th of November later this year. We welcome everyone to join us and enjoy themselves as much as we'll enjoy performing. Due to the small nature of the venue, it will be intimate and interactive. Those who attended Resonance Festival will be familiar with this stage as it was the Prog Stage over the course of the festival.
We will announce further details such as ticket prices in the near future. In the meanwhile, please do spread the word and keep the date in your diaries. It would mean the world for us to see and meet you guys at our first headlining show.
Stay tuned!

Vivaldi Metal Project: Announce new drummer for the project.

The Vivaldi Metal Project have announced that famed drummer Mark Cross has joined the project.

Below is their announcement:

He played with bands such as Helloween, Firewind and many others.. Well, we are proud to announce that drummer Mark Cross has joined our project! STAY METAL! \m/

Mark Cross is a hard rock and heavy metal drummer. Cross has played in many bands in his career and is based in London, England. Over the past 25 years he has been working as a professional musician with bands and artists, and earned a reputation in the international music industry as a musician and drummer.

Bands in his roster such as legendary German Power metallers Scorpions, Helloween and Metalium, Deep Purple’s frontman Ian Gillan, gold sellers Kingdom Come, British classic rock band Saracen, Greek Power-Metal band Firewind, melodic Rock outfit Outloud, Whitesnake’s and Thin Lizzy’s Bass player Marco Mendoza and New Wave of British Heavy Metal pioneers Tank and working with known Producers such as Chris Tsangaredes, Charly Bauerfeind, Frederik Nordstrom, Kip Winger and Tommy Hansen have left a great mark in his career. - Mark Cross Official Website

For more details go here:

Xerath: Review of new album III posted.

ThisIsNotAScene have posted a review of Xerath's new album III. It was written by Wade Reitz and below id an extract:

Xerath has always been in to creating a big sound on their records. If you are familiar with the band’s previous albums, “I” and “II,” you will know what I am talking about. Press play and prepare to get your hair blown back. Richard Thomson‘s vocal acrobatics are something to behold on “III.” He emanates guttural growls, mid-range blasts, glorious clean melodies, and shrieks that could rival the mighty Devin Townsend himself. You can imagine he looks much like the form depicted on the album cover; arms out stretched, face to the sky, with the world crumbling around him when he sings. It is like the power of his voice and the rest of Xerath are what is causing the destruction. Bassist Christopher Clark lays down heavy grooves underneath these powerful vocals and synth melodies on tracks like opener ‘I Hold Dominion’ and ‘Ironclad.’ New guitarist Conor McGouran rips. He can groove with Clark like on ‘I Hunt for the Weak’ and ‘Demigod Doctrine,’ plow through some vicious riffs like on tracks ‘2053’ and ‘Autonomous,’ or a sweet solo like on ‘Sentinels.’ Pittman’s work behind the drum kit is superb. His ability to follow the ebb and flow of the dynamics from track to track is the glue that keeps everything from flying apart. ‘Passenger’ is a great example of his handiwork.

Xerath “III” is like the blast from an atomic bomb; powerful, majestic, beautiful, and destructive. Excellent production quality puts a razor edge on an already sharp collection of quality metal. “III” takes all that Xerath has done before to the next level. This isXerath at 11 and they don’t seem like they are planning on turning it down.

To read the full review go here:

Pain Of Salvation: To play Remedy Lane at Progpower Europe.

Swedish progressive rock band Pain Of Salvation will be playing the whole of their 2002 classic album Remedy Lane at this year's Progpower Europe festival.

For more details and tickets go here:

The full line-up is:

VOTUM: 20.00-21.15 hrs
JOLLY: 22.00-23.45 hrs

DISPERSE: 13.30-14.30 hrs
PROSPEKT: 15.00-16.00 hrs
AEON OF HORUS: 16.30-17.30 hrs
— diner break —
PAIN OF SALVATION: 18.30-19.40 hrs
AEON ZEN: 20.20-21.30 hrs
VOYAGER: 22.10-23.40 hrs

CARTOGRAPHER: 13.30-14.30 hrs
TENEBRIS: 15.00-16.00 hrs
VULTURE INDUSTRIES: 16.30-17.30 hrs
— diner break —
CHIMPSPANNER: 18.30-19.30 hrs
AGENT FRESCO: 20.00-21.00 hrs
PAIN OF SALVATION: 21.45-23.30 hrs

Lifesigns: Reach 25% of their pledge total for a live DVD.

Progressive rock band Lifesigns have reached 25% of their PledgeMusic target for a live DVD. For more information and to contribute go here:


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