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Paul Wardingham: Recording Spiritual Machines #1

Short video of me recording a solo for SYSTEM ERROR from my new album SPIRITUAL MACHINES - Out Nov 21
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Following on from his critically acclaimed albums Assimilate Regenerate (2011) and The Human Affliction (2015), Spiritual Machines is the new cyberpunk-inspired instrumental guitar album by Paul Wardingham.

Complete with the melodic choruses, mechanical metal riffs and hi-tech futuristic shredding that Paul has become known for, Spiritual Machines is perhaps his most accessible work to date.

“I really wanted to get back to a style that I was doing a few years before writing Assimilate Regenerate. More focused on melody and riffs than on lots of guitar solos. Spiritual Machines is more metal, very song orientated and has a kind of raw industrial quality to it”

“There’s an energy to this album that’s very different to my previous works”

Spiritual Machines: Track Listing:
1. The Awakening
2. Spiritual Machines
3. My Sanctuary
4. Break The System
5. Ghosts Of A Concrete World
6. Prophecy
7. System Error
8. Prisoners Of The Future
9. The Edge Of Human
10. Off-World

Paul Wardingham is creator of future metal shred, Assimilate Regenerate and The Human Affliction.

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Paul Wardingham is creator of future metal shred and the critically
acclaimed guitar albums Assimilate Regenerate and The Human Affliction


It’s been called “the best instrumental guitar album in years” by Christian Muenzner (Necrophagist and Obscura) and “the best guitar discovery of 2011” by Andy James, along with praise from guitar legends Dino Cazares (Fear Factory) and Jeff Loomis (Nevermore, Conquering Dystopia).

Described as instrumental cyber metal, Wardingham’s style combines 7-string mechanical riffing, melodic choruses, industrial synths and otherworldly solos to create visions of a futuristic world.


The Human Affliction is Paul Wardingham’s highly anticipated concept album released July 14th 2015. Featuring 11 tracks and incredible guest solos by Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) and Stephan Forte (Adagio)

“The Human Affliction is a continuation of the themes that inspired Assimilate Regenerate: The future, technology and it's effect on humanity. More than that, it's a soundtrack to a dystopian future. Set in a high-tech low-life world, where humanity is blissfully unaware of the dangers of technological progress and the rise of artificial intelligence.....until it's too late. The Human Affliction is my vision of this cyberpunk inspired landscape landscape and post- apocalyptic digital age where the listener can escape reality, amongst cyber metal grooves, cold atmospheric synths, futuristic electronica, emotional melodies and of course...hi-tech shred guitar solos!”

Paul uses 7-string and 8-string guitars, EMG pickups and Jim Dunlop strings and picks.

Paul's music is for guitar fans of artists like Devin Townsend, Fear Factory, Soilwork, Scar Symmetry, Mnemic, Meshuggah, Disarmonia Mundi, Universum, Sybreed, and guitar players like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jeff Loomis, John Petrucci & Andy James

Paul Wardingham | Recording Spiritual Machines #1

Hammerfall: Hammer High (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Pre-order "Built To Last" now!

Out November 4!

You can download & stream the single at:

Sweden's Heavy Metal legends HAMMERFALL are back, and are not just celebrating 20 years of a successful career which inspired an entire genre and beyond, but they are also releasing their brand new and 10th studio album 'Built To Last' on November 4th 2016 on Napalm Records!

Today the band unleashed the first track by unveiling a lyric video for the song 'The Sacred Vow'.

“Choosing a track for this was not easy, as we had several suitable songs. But "The Sacred Vow” is a pretty classic HammerFall tune and very representative of the album as a whole: speed, power, energy and with a catchy chorus that oozes of heavy metal spirit." the band comments.

In times when finest steel was no longer considered the crowning of our beloved genre, HAMMERFALL came to the rescue and blew everyone away with melodic finesse and sincerity: longplayers such as 'Glory To The Brave' (1997) and 'Renegade' (2000) quickly established the Swedes as pioneers of a modern version of classic 80s metal – and they surely haven`t slowed down any since! 'Built to Last' – the tenth album in a career spanning twenty years – definitely boasts a programmatic title and brilliantly displays the strengths of the band. Highly melodic and swift anthems, aggressive lead guitars, choruses you`d kill your mother for and Joacim Cans` inimitable, steel-melting voice (recorded once more with James Michael / SIXX AM in L.A.) turn this oeuvre into one of the most consistent, exciting and passionate HAMMERFALL ever recorded!

HAMMERFALL - Hammer High (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Zaneta: Tales From The Sun - Japanese Edition 2016 Promo

ZANETA's debut album "Tales From The Sun" is out NOW for the Japanese market with 2 bonus tracks !
To order the album you can visit

ZANETA is a melodic rock band from Italy formed by singer Simone Roman, drummer Danilo Marinotti, 6-strings-wizard Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo (first italian guitarist to be signed by Shrapnel Records,3 solo albums and tons of collaborations with the best artists from Italy) and keyboards player Steff Brusa (from EVA). Music of ZANETA was born by the passion of the 4 musicians for the great AOR bands of the past but their own influences gave the album a personal sound.

Zaneta - Tales From The Sun - Japanese Edition 2016 Promo


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