Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lalle Larsson: Another great new live video posted.

Swedish keyboard maestro Lalle Larsson has posted the following to FaceBook:

Another audio bootleg from the Progressive Circus festival at Salongen in Helsingborg, Sweden 26/4 2014.
The sound is coming straight from the mixing board.
The song is called Tunnels within Tunnels and has some interesting harmonies to improvise over.
With Walle Wahlgren & Alfred Andersson.

Prog Sphere: Artwork for Progstravaganza CD posted.

Prog Sphere have posted the following message to FaceBook:

We have created this disk and cover presentation mock-up of the announced physical CD edition of Progstravaganza compilation.

As we are going to do a printed edition of Prog Sphere magazine (which will be distributed along with the Progstravaganza CD sampler), we have some great advertising opportunities for bands, labels, festivals, distributors, etc. Both CD and magazine will be distributed in the same package worldwide through the network of labels and distributors. If interested, get in touch at: info@prog-sphere.com

Alex Agento: Fabrizio Leo Bicio competition winners announced.

Alex Argento has announced the winners of the Fabrizio Leo Bicio competition:

Hi everyone, here are the results of the Bicio DV mark competition!
The Top 3 was very close!
Winner, Vladimir Shevyakov gets: 
" DVMark Multiamp Mono"
" RiffStation 1.5"
" Fabrizio Leo “Spectrum Of My Past” CD"
Second place, Fabrizio Milo, gets
" DiMarzio - pickup set The Injector Neck/Bridge & Area 67"
" RiffStation 1.5"
" Fabrizio Leo “Spectrum Of My Past” CD"
Third place, Fayeed Tan, gets
" Dunlop set of goodies"
" RiffStation 1.5"
" Fabrizio Leo “Spectrum Of My Past” CD"
Fourth place: Kostas Alexakis (AlexK), Nicolo Ancillotti, Richard Daudé.
Number 4, 5 and 6 all had the same number of votes/points, we decided to give these 3 all the 4th prize. They all get Bicio's new CD and our respect!
" Fabrizio Leo “Spectrum Of My Past” CD"
Special prize, the guest solo on a album / track recording, chosen by Fabrizio Leo goes to Fabrizio Milo.
Al winners will get an email today with more details. Thank you everyone for sending in your videos.
- Fabrizio Leo, Alex Argento, Marco Sfogli, Laurie Monk, Kris Claerhout
Riffstation, Multiamp, jellybeard records, Truth In Shredding
thank you for sponsoring!!

Lifesigns: New live date announced.

New progressive rock group Lifesigns will be playing the following live date:

Lifesigns Live in the U.K. (Watford)
29 July at 07:30
The Horns in Watford, United Kingdom

Federico Fantacone, Lisa LaRue: More news about new collaboration.

Lisa LaRue has posted the following message about the her collaboration with Federico Fantacone:

For those friends of mine who knew Jordan Janway (Jordo), here is a song by Italian keyboardist/composer Federico Fantacone and myself, dedicated to Jordo and featuring some of his dive videos. For those of you who are fans of my music, the complete album "Sonic Landscape" will be available later this Fall (with an American release in English packaging and a European release with Italian packaging). Jordo was such an inspiration in many ways, and helped me get my head back around the fact that I could still make music, even though I can't do many of the other things I used to enjoy. Jordo was a true Air Dancer!! 


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