Thursday, August 27, 2015

Totemtag: Magnetosphere

A nest that protects us like a protective cage from the charged particles continuously ejected from the Sun, especially during the phases of its activity. The solar plasma never reaches the Earth's surface but is channeled along the polar openings of the magnetic field interacting with the atoms of the ionosphere resulting in the spectacle of the aurora borealis.

While masochists and media terrorists continue to fear the "absolute end of the world" because of the Sun (and many people believe) people forget to think about how our world is designed well and how much beauty there in store daily, hour, every minute, every second, even when we have the chance to see the "green flash" just seconds before the setting of the sun.

Totemtag - Magnetosphere

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Joel Hoekstra: 13 - Dying To Live Album Sampler features Russell Allen and Jeff Scott Soto

Taken from the album DYING TO LIVE. Order your copy from: iTunes - / Amazon - / Frontiers Records -

Say Goodbye to The Sun (feat. Russell Allen) - 00:00
Anymore (feat. Russell Allen) - 00:49
Until I Left You (feat. Jeff Scott Soto) - 01:39
Long For The Days (feat. Russell Allen) - 02:26
Scream (feat. Jeff Scott Soto) - 03:16
Never Say Never (feat. Russell Allen) - 03:55
Changes (feat. Russell Allen) - 04:45
The Only Way to Go (feat. Jeff Scott Soto) - 05:32
Dying to Live (feat. Russell Allen) - 06:19
Start Again (feat. Jeff Scott Soto) - 07:03
What We Believe (feat. Jeff Scott Soto & Chloe Lowery) - 07:49
Never Want (feat. Jeff Scott Soto) [Japanese Bonus Track] - 08:39
Kill Or Be Killed (feat. Russell Allen) [Digital Bonus Track] - 09:24

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Joel Hoekstra's 13 - Dying To Live Album Sampler

Sebastian Persini: new album demo featuring Alex Argento, Alessandro Bertoni, Marco Sfogli,

Sneak peek of my upcoming 2nd solo album, featuring: Anton Davidyants, Marco Sfogli, Alex Argento, Alessandro Bertoni, Martin Etcheverry. Stay tuned and feel free to follow me on facebook for more updates :)
Thanks for watching!

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