Richard Andersson: a neo keyboard odyssey

What do you get if you drop a synthesiser in a blender with Ynwie Malmsteen? Well I think Richard Andersson. Richard was was born in Ystad, Sweden, March 28, 1972. At the age of 7 Richard already was capable to play some advance classical music on Organ and Keyboard.

When he was 15 years old, he created his own special style with influences from masters such as Jens Johansson and Ynwie Malmsteen. 1998 Richard created the neo-classical, progressive band "Majestic" and released two albums (Abstract Symphony, 1999) and (Trinity Overture, 2000).

Richard creaed a new band called Time Requiem. Time Requiem has recorded three records: “Time Requiem” (2003), “The Inner Circle of Reality” (2004) and live record “Unleashed in Japan” (2003) recorded during Japan tour 2003.

Besides Time Requiem Richard has his solo project Space Odyssey together with old friend Magnus Nilsson. Space Odyssey entered the metal scene with debut album “Embrace the Galaxy” (2003).

For a complete biography and discography check out is cool website