News: Tubular Bells by the Brooklyn Organ Synth Orchestra

Patrick Moraz: with Bill Bruford 1983

Kozo Tsuji: Vinnie Moore Daydream keyboard solo

Andy Pickford: Remastered Replicant and Nemesis

Tony Banks: Interview with Classic FM

Jordan Rudess, Lalle Larsson: Classic Rock top five Keyboard player poll

Valentina Lisitsa: Chopin Notturno Op 9 N 2

News: Esoteric Records continue their re-release program of Tangerine Dream's back catalogue

Edgar Froese: 2012 remasters of the Virgin albums

News: coming soon 5CD collection of music Tangerine Dream

Chick Corea: Summer Music Workshop

News: AlphaSphere - Now Alpha Testing

Moog Minitaur: Musikmesse 2012

Valentina Lisitsa: Beethoven "Moonlight" Sonata op 27 # 2 Mov 3 - stunning

Lalle Larsson: Android live

Lalle Larsson,Richard Hallebeek: Piano solo/Lemuria - freaking awesome!

GuiGui Zheng: triumph over adversity - no fingers on one hand

Jordan Rudess: Burning Riffs from Keyboard Madness

Jesper Stotz: Somber Rapture - awesome original

Bob Katsionis: Keyboard Tapping

Nattefrost,Matzumi: From distant times pre order

Richard Andersson: Time Requiem - Milagros Charm

Richard Andersson: Keyboard Solo (HD)

Valentina Lisitsa: Rachmaninoff 1st Piano Sonata Op28 Mov.1

Thorsten Quaeschning: Indulge the Passion

Musikmesse 2012: Roland Jupiter 50

News: V-Topia Musikmesse 2012

Gianluca Tagliavini: Studiologic demo Musikmesse 2012

News: Eigenharp demo Musikmesse 2012

News: Demo Physics piano Musikmesse 2012

Lalle Larsson: Karmakanic at Rosfest 2006

Mistheria: Far beyond the sun

Vitalij Kuprij: some serious shred

Erik Norlander: Dreamcurrents

Rick Wakeman: Jane Seymour

Rick Wakeman: tells Bob Moog about his first Mini Moog

Klaus Schulze: WDR Köln 1977

Chris Newman: The Road Less Travelled released later this month.

Hime: Keith Emerson - Fugue - (Gulda)

Hime: Dream Theater - The Dance Of Eternity

News: New Roland/BOSS Products for 2012‏

Jan Hammer,Gary Husband: Rain

Paul Speer: Lanz and Speer to release new solo project

Bob Katsionis: The Nightrager 2009

Lalle Larsson, Richard Hallebeek: RHP - One love live snippet

Jan Hammer: Mahavishnu Project Oh Yeah

Edgar Froese: Booster V and Machu Picchu details

Jordan Rudess: iphone shredding when a stranger calls

Jens Johansson: best solo live - stunning

Richard Andersson: Flight from the sun

Jens Johansson: Keyboard Solo - Dublin 2009

Paul Lawler: Teaser for next album Opus.

Joost van den Broek,Arjen Lucassen: Star One solos

Chris Franke: Cloudburst Flight 92'

Ian Boddy,Bakis Sirros: Exit Strategy limited edition CD down to last 50

Keith Emerson: ELP Pictures at an Exhibition

Edgar Froese: Tangerine Dream - Cloudburst Flight

Christopher Franke: Live Concert in London, October 1991

Christopher Franke: Tenchi movie soundtrack interview

Annarita Santagada,Jack Gibbons: Alkan Saltarelle Op.47a two players one keyboard

Vladimir Horowitz: Hexameron by Franz Liszt

Marc André Hamelin: Alkan Symphony for piano - Finale Presto

Matias Kupiainen,Theodore Ziras,Arwe,Gimi: Tiluland - The Home of Guitar Heroes and Synth Wizards

Mistheria: My Dear Chopin and Adagio

Jim Gilmour: discusses new Korg Keyboards

Alex Argento,Marco Sfogli: Memories

Jon Lord,Rick Wakeman: live At the Sunflower Jam, Royal Albert Hall 2011

Rick Wakeman: Live 1987 - full show

Tetsuya Komuro: super live Keyboard-Solo

Tony MacAlpine: Keyboard Solo

Eddie Jobson: Infinite Response VAX77

Jordan Rudess: Silent Mountain

Edgar Froese: Star Muse Festival interview

Edgar Froese, Chris Franke,Johannes Schmoelling: Kiew Mission

Eddie Jobson: talks with Eric Blair at Namm 2010

Eddie Jobson: UK Live 2011. Danger Money

Taku Yabuki: Korg Trinity Fast Synth Solo

Keith Emerson,Rachel Flowers: woooah Rachel Flowers on the Modular Moog!!!

Isaac Holbrook: Alkan Grand Etude "Hands Reunited" Op 76

Valentina Lisitsa: Rachmaninoff Sonata #1 Part 3

Andre Meloechin: speed piano

Risto Kupiainen: Rockway

Keith Emerson: Bach before the mast

Rick Wakeman: live solo

Joey DeFrancesco: live at the Musikmesse

Jim Gilmour: Saga Keyboard king Explains Korg Keyboards

Lalle Larsson: Piano Solo Avaritia

Ronald Jenkees: Stay Crunchy

Eddie Jobson: plays VAX77 - awesome!

Derek Sherinian: Keyboard Solo

Rick Wakeman,Adam Wakeman: Keytar playing "Tudorock"

Rick Wakeman: Dog the Bounty Hunter Keyboard

Jordan Rudess: Keyboard Solo

Lalle Larsson: Otherworldly - Infinity Of Worlds

Shawn Lane: Piano performance. Delta State University

Lalle Larsson: Weave World III coming soon