Dean Baker: Former Twelfth Night band members Cryptic Clues added to Summers End festival

Kevin Moore: OSI "For Nothing"

Johannes Schmoelling, Jerome Froese, Robert Waters: LOOM rehearsals and live

Rene Splinter: Trailer for Planetarium Concert

Rene Splinter: Singularities and TimeScapes

Andy Pickford: Dreamrider EP release details announced

Paul Lawler: Bringer of the Star -snippet

Ian Boddy: ambient electronic musician on Vimeo

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Jordan Rudess: Music Meets Multitouch at Mac World

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Anders Helmerson with Marco Minneman,Bryan Beller: Triple Ripple CD and Laser Harp

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Marcelo Paganini, Gary Husband: Technodream

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Ian Boddy: new release details

Andy Pickford: Mirage

Jem Godfrey: announced as keystar for G3 tour

Rachel Flowers: with Jon Lee Keenan and Paul Tavenner

Rachel Flowers: play Keith Emerson's modular moog

Thorsten Quaeschning: Concert - E-Day-Festival - Netherlands

Jerome Froese: More Loom shows announced

Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese: Hoshiko Yaman has enough of her violin

Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese: Tangerine dream Star wars theme - Budapest

Steve Weingart: interview with Steve Lukather's keystar in 2009

Jesper Stotz: From A Restive Slumber

Jordan Rudess: live keyboard solo from Budokan.

Jens Johansson: talks about Stratovarius in this two part interview

Edgar Froese,Christopher Franke,Johannes Schmoelling: Tangerine Dream - London Dominion Theatre 1982 series

Jens Johansson: Sao Paulo, Brazil 2009

Jens Johansson: Volador Mexico 2009

Kozo Tsuji: Jens Johansson Zero Sum Game

Keith Jarrett: live performance halted by iphones

Madeline VanDerMast: stunning Black Star on piano

Roland: Buy a JUPITER-80 and get a FREE iPad 2

Lalle Larsson: Keyboard solo - Karmakanic 2006

Rick Wakeman: Jon Anderson Awaken 2011

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Kevin Wyatt: Giant Steps... keyboard and bass at the same time!

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Fur Elise on the AXiS 49

Janko Piano

Starr Labs Wilson-MicroZone

Tonal Plexus microtonal keyboard

Microtonal Piano 19 on a 12-tone keyboard

Ben Wilshire: Roland AX1 Keytar

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Kei Akagi,Allan Holdsworth: Frankfurt 1986

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Moog: pays tribute to the late Jim Marshall

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Yuki Mack,Tomoko Mack: World class Piano Duo 4 Hands Piano Music

Greg Anderson,Elizabeth Joy Roe: Duet Blue Danube Fantasy

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Vitalij Kuprij: some serious shred (2008)

Thorsten Quaeschning: Indulge the Passion, Tangerine Dream side project