Tangerine Dream: The tickets finally arrive.

Aes Dana: Cosmo Festival 2012

Andy Pickford: New EP out tomorrow

News: Modular Synthesizer Festival, Fischbach, Germany

Alessandro Del Vecchio: Eden's Curse New official video.

Alessandro Del Vecchio: Hardline - Danger Zone

Rhys Fulber: Fear Factory Album teaser on YouTube.

Adam Wakeman: Headspace - Adam talks about a track from the new album in a YouTube clip.

Johnny Keys: two instruments simultaneously - Guitar + Keytar

Jesper Stotz: gets his own got-djent page

Keith Emerson: ELP Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1992

Henrik Klingenberg: Sonata Arctica, New video available.

Alex Staropoli: Rhapsody Of Fire: Live clip from the US.

Jordan Rudess: Talks about his up-coming internet concert.

Emily Bear: 6-Year Old Piano Prodigy

Oliver Wakeman: Yes live playing Close To The Edge

News: Picture Palace music: Swimming Pool Festival website nears completion.

Jordan Rudess: Plays the Google Moog synth.

Jordan Rudess: announces live internet concert on

Node: Free download track.

David Wright, Michael Shipway: Modulator ESP: Bungay Bash

News: Eloy - Heartbeat and new tour dates

Valentina Lisitsa: prepares for the Royal Albert Hall

Austin Peralta: CAB band baked potato with Tony MacAlpine

News: Voices In The Net: Updated.

Edgar Froese: Recent Radio Interview.

Edgar Froese, Christopher Franke: Tangerine Dream: Film Festival.

Ian Boddy: Concert in October 2012

Ian Boddy: Concert in September.

Tangerine Dream: Zurich concert video.

Erik van Ittersum: New track.

Edgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning: Tangerine Dream US tour dates

Edgar Froese: Tangerine Dream: 1969 - 1975

Edgar Froese, Chris Franke,Peter Baumann: Tangerine Dream. Reims Cathedral 1974

Erik van Ittersum: Palpatine rehearsals - the full track Part 2..

Erik van Ittersum: Palpatine rehearsals - the full track.

Kenneth Crouch: Samson Graphite 49 demo

Alex Argento: Keyboard solo.

News: Google's Moogle Doodle

Eric Tubon,Abby Clutario: FireFly Logic - Live at Synthicide x WSK 2011

Erik van Ittersum: Palpatine rehearsals.

Hiromi Uehara: The Tom and Jerry Show

Hiromi Uehara: Rhapsody In Blue 2008

News: Picture Palace music: Swimming Pool Festival line-up announced.

Jerome Froese: new double CD masters go off to press

Bob Katsionis: Firewind, New album due tomorrow.

Rhys Fulber, Fear Factory: New single previewed.

Andy Pickford: New website.

Edgar Froese: Tangerine Dream - Classic Rock Presents Prog news item.

Ryo Okumoto: GPS 2DVD/4CD live set to be released.

Erik Norlander: Gonzo Multimedia are to issue two Erik Norlander - The Gallactive Collective DVD/2CD sets

Lalle Larsson: Otherworldly - Infinity Of Worlds

Roland: Jupiter 80 and 50 - Synth Editor App for iPad

Henrik Kingenberg: Sonata Arctica, New album released today.

Lalle Larsson: Happy Birthday

Rick Wakeman: Talks about the Rock The House music competition.

Jordan Rudess: Top Ten Prog Rock Albums