Jordan Rudess: New creative app released - SpaceWiz

Dream Theater's keyboard Jordan Rudess has released a new app. The app contains over 250 on-board instruments, as well as forty-five presets and access to control external midi instruments.

SpaceWiz allows the viewer to interact with and control their environment at the highest level of complexity. With the manipulation of their own fingers on the playing surface, together with the technological wonders of the Chaos and Satellite generators, they fabricate particles, which then collide into planets. One can even add the onboard real time synthesizer with its independent set of sounds and parameters. SpaceWiz will guide the user on an audio-visual journey while they enjoy the ultimate sonic/visual wallpaper, or get busy and start throwing their own particles around the universe. Users can even try rolling the dice for total randomization and see what happens.

For creators who want to play a larger role in their SpaceWiz experience, they have the opportunity to build their audio/visual world from the void. Regardless of the user's desires, this app will reward them with a mind-blowing creation....   ....apparently.