Digital Horizons: New track available on ReverbNation

Ian Boddy, Erik Wollo: Electronic Circus Festival review.

Parallel Worlds And Dave Bessell: Review of new album.

Rene Splinter: Singularities available for download.

It Bites: Video for new single; Cartoon Graveyard.

Loom: More great videos from Budapest.

Spiral Dreams: New track available on SoundCloud.

Loom: Live videos from Budapest.

Nattefrost: Radio concert in December

Picture Palace Music: Pictures from the Going Underground award ceremony.

Dreamscape Radio:Latest episode now on-line.

Kamelot: Audio samples available for entire new album.

Jem Godfrey: New Frost* Report available.

Threshold, Frost*: Added to Celebr8 Festival 2013.

Vivien Lalu: On his way to Germany to track vocals for new album.

Jerome Froese, Loom: More photos from the Czech Republic.

Black Country Communion: Third Afterglow webisode available.

Lalle Larsson: Last update from The Flower Kings tour.

Paul Lawler: Video on YouTube.

Jerome Froese, Loom: Photos from the Czech Republic.

Tangerine Dream: New CDs and DVD available for pre-order.

Lalu: New album makes news on Blabbermouth.... finally.

Picture Palace Music: New video from the Swimming Pool concerts.

Tangerine Dream: Details of new remaster of the Bootleg Box Set 1.

Nattefrost: New live track available on SoundCloud.

ProgPower Europe 2012: Prog festival next week.

Ian Boddy: Gearing up for next concert.

Bob Moog: Great documentary film available on YouTube.

Remy Stroomer: Blogs about Electronic Circus Festival.

Dragonir: More artwork revealed.

Michel van Osenbruggen: Blog post about the Electronic Circus Festival.

Parallel Worlds, Dave Bessell: Video for new track; Corruption

Lalle Larsson: Weaveworld III preview available.

Paul Lawler: Brief appearance on Polish TV in 2010.

Picture Palace Music: To play awards ceremony.

Dream Theater: Lullaby versions of classic tracks available.

Adam Wakeman: In new band: Snakecharmer.

Ian Boddy, Erik Wollo: More great photos from the Electric Circus show.

Andy Pickford: More videos up on YouTube.