Paul Nagle: New download album available.

Electronic musician Paul Nagle has released a new download album. It's title is And Darkness Falls... and it's available from BandCamp at the following link:

Here's what Paul has to say about it:

This album began with a single track, Contamination, that I made for a Conrad Schnitzler tribute album that never happened. I enjoyed making it so much that I thought I might do more and gradually this happened. I'd dearly like to think that Conrad might have enjoyed it - he was a true pioneer of sonic exploration and a major influence for me. 
It's in marked contrast to the previous album Twilight - not one of my best titles as everyone seemed to assume it was about those insipid teenage romance-soaked vampire films. It wasn't. Where Twilight was "in the box", Darkness is most definitely out of it, using a lot of my old analogue gear and celebrating, rather than being scared of, the noise, hiss and hum that comes with it. It's dirty and it's lo-fi, whether using old stuff or modern gear like the Elektron Octatrack and analogues such as the Vermona Perfourmer mk2. Regardless, the star of the album has to be my Synthi AKS.