Jordan Rudess: A personnel message to the fans.

Jordan Rudess has issued a personnel message to the fans at the end of the Dream Theater World tour:

The last 14 months have taken us all around the world and it's been an amazing adventure! We have played in a lot of familiar places but also made new friends in countries that we had never been before! As a lot of you know, I like to go out whenever possible and explore the places we visit. Walking around Jakarta Indonesia and San Jose, Costa Rica are still fresh on my mind! To me- the actual playing of the show is wonderful, but understanding who all of you are as people and experiencing the places you live is just as important!Thank you all for your incredible support. This last album and tour was so important for us because we had our latest family member Mr Mike Mangini join us on drums. It was gratifying hearing everyone scream out his name every night and feel the overwhelming joy in your hearts that you have for Dream Theater! So now it is time to decompress from a whole lot of airplane travel and hotel rooms and get my studio chops going again and most importantly, reunite with my amazing girls at home, Danielle, Ariana and Kayla!

I plan to create some new music on my own and then reunite with the boys for the next DT recording!

I'm sure you will see me on youtube/twitter/facebook etc and I know I will see all of you soon enough ON THE ROAD again!

- Jordan Rudess