Nattefrost: Album review posted to FaceBook.

You have to admire Bjorn Jeppesen of Nattefrost, here's a review of his album Dying Sun/Scarlet Moon that he's posted to FaceBook:

A short, funny and very honest review on my "Dying sun / Scarlet moon" album.
Maybe I spent too much time on this album because it is the most "worked" album by Nattefrost till date and my own favourite as well :) :)

"Sorry dear Bjoern, but this is not a hats-off production. It seems there were not many ideas, the sound is less and not excactly as the three great works at groove before. What happens? Please take time for the next production. This is not the quality I know from you. So I take Transformation as example and will forget this actually cd as soon as possible! You can do it better! Really!"