Andy Pickford: Cover track posted to SoundCloud.

Paul Lawler: New track on SoundCloud.

Picture Palace music: Auld Lang Syne track on SoundCloud.

Andy Pickford: Great new track on SoundCloud.

Radio Happy: Top 20 tracks of 2013.

Sonata Arctica: New interview available.

Andy Pickford: New track on SoundCloud.

Don Buchla: Promotional video for new documentary.

Paul Lawler: New track on SoundCloud.

Jordan Rudess: Top 10 albums for 2012.

Andy Pickford: Radio show today.

Radio Happy: Best EM of 2012 show tonight.

Queensryche: Todd LaTorre fronted band send best wishes to Randy Gane.

Paul Lawler: New photos from the studio.

Andy Pickford: Another archive track remixed.

Jorg Schaaf: New talent to look out for.

Paul Lawler: Snippet from new showreel for 2013 posted to SoundCloud.

Andy Pickford: Another track remastered.

Jon Lord: David Coverdale's video eulogy for Jon.

Tony Carey: To appear on Jan Holberg Project album.

Tangerine Dream: New music and update to TDOC fan site.

Spiral Dreams: New track on SoundCloud.

Gazz Collins: 4 new tracks already recorded for new album.

Andy Pickford: New track on SoundCloud.

Paul Lawler: Another new Arcane track on SoundCloud.

Arjen Lucassen: To appear on new Avantasia album.

Geoff Tate's keyboard player suffers heart attack.

Sonata Arctica: Video clips from the US tour.

Andy Pickford: The remixing continues.

Bob Katsionis: New interview posted on-line.

New Year's Eve concert.

Derek Sherinian: To appear on new album by Semantic Saturation.

Jordan Rudess: Christmas and New Year message.

Parallel Worlds: Taking part in Festival.

Spiral Dreams: On radio tomorrow.

Gazz Collins: Tracks posted to SoundCloud.

Sonata Arctica: New interview on-line.

Delain: New interview with Martjin Westerholt on YouTube.

Paul Lawler: Arcane track posted to SoundCloud

Kraftwerk: Win sound sampling court case.

Schallwelle: Vote now for our favourite EM.

Picture Palace Music: New music on SoundCloud.

Vision Divine: Fan filmed video from Dutch concert.

Arjen Lucassen: Pictured with guitarist Marcel Coenen.

Dreamscape Radio: Latest episode on-line.

Andy Pickford: Tomorrow's radio show playlist.

Lalu, Bob Katsionis: On Prog Power Radio tonight.

Lifesigns: New band to watch out for.

Andy Pickford: Another track mixed and posted to SoundCloud.

Paul Lawler: New C-60 album track posted to SoundCloud.