Tangerine Dream: French documentary about Reims concert available to stream.

On the 13th December 1974 Tangerine Dream played a, now legendary, concert in Reims Cathedral with pop singer Nico. After the concert the group were banned from ever playing a Catholic cathedral again, by none other than the Pope himself. The reason being that the fans had urinated on the ancient building due to a lack of provision of toilets, nothing to do with the band at all.

It was after this event that Tangerine Dream were invited by the Church of England to play some of it's cathedrals instead. One of these concerts at Coventry Cathedral was captured on film by Tony Palmer and is available today as a DVD.

To celebrate this event French TV channel France 3 have made a documentary film, called Rock Goes To The Cathedral, which was transmitted last night (15th December). The film has also been made available for streaming and you can watch it below:

Reims 74, Rock Goes To The Cathedral (52') by France3-Champagne-Ardenne