Tangerine Dream: Interview with Edgar about Bowie.

Edgar Froese was interviewed recently by Berliner Zeitung about his association with David Bowie, which started back in the mid-70s when David moved to Berlin. The interview has been translated from the original German by Google translator but it does make a certain amount of sense:

Edgar Froese in the 70s belonged to the pioneers of electronic music, today he produces music mainly. In this interview he talks about his time together with David Bowie in Schöneberg.
Edgar Froese's founder and mastermind of the krautrock band Tangerine Dream, which was in the 70 pioneers of electronic music. Today, he makes a lot of film music. And in the U.S., the 68-year-old charged with his band still effortlessly concert halls. David Bowie 1976 slipped temporarily at Froese in Schöneberg.
Mr. Froese, David Bowie comes up with a new song. You are the one in this country who knows best Bowie. Did you know about?
No. I knew he was after his collapse again in 2004 creative works that he painted and much goes into exhibitions. But I did not know of a video.
And how do you like the video?
It shows Bowie's great class. It is courageous because it is ugly by today's standards. It is very spontaneous, Bowie is deliberately amateurish clean cut - as a tribute to the true art.
In "Where Are We Now?" Bowie sings of Berlin. This is a video with city views. Apparently he's still a lot to the city ...
Here he has made an immediate death experience. He's come here to get rid of his problem in life, to come down from coke and heroin.
How did things to him that he went out and you had a?
For him it was a horrific time. And also for my wife and me, it was not pleasant. When a withdrawal is nothing left of him whom you think you know.
How did you meet?
Bowie as occurred in 1976 in the Germany Hall, I visited him backstage.We have gotten him an apartment, and the doctors that he needed.We have taken him to Romy Haag and in the jungle. We have also always been a bit sure that he will not re-offend.
How was that? They were a well-known musician with Tangerine Dream, but Bowie was a world star. How to deal with someone like that?
We have treated him like a normal human being. At the end you have only one free choice: burial or incineration. This applies to everyone.
Would you say you were friends, or is it still?
The term friendship I'm careful. I speak rather of a very good acquaintance.
Interview by Elmar shooter.

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