IQ: Subterranea to be made into a movie.

IQ classic album Subterranea is being made into a movie, with the band’s Mike Holmes writing the soundtrack.
Writer and director Mathew Miller approached them a few years ago with the idea, and a deal was put in place after he met them at RosFest in 2012, where they performed the 1997 record in full.
The film will star Amber Rose Mason and William Katt, with more names to be announced.
Holmes tells Prog: “Mat loves the album and has always wanted to work up the storyline into a screenplay, which is now happening. He came along to see us at RosFest to make sure we were okay with the idea, which we were. How often does someone want to make a feature-length movie of one of your albums?
“I’ll be doing the score – mostly original stuff but with some of the musical themes from Subterranea included. Mat’s hoping to get an edit of the film ready for Sundance later this year.”
Subterranea tells the story of a man with no name who’s been kept in an underground cell for his whole life. Finally released, he faces a new world of unlimited potential and risk, and gradually learns he’s the key figure in a social experiment.
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