The Peel: Special Prog Rock show.

The Peel in Kingston near London will be hosting a special Prog Rock show on 24th August. This show is being promoted by House Of Progression and Cyclops Records and is set to feature Simon Godfrey (Tinyfish/Shineback), Haze, Primitive Instinct and Mr So & So.
House Of Progression spokesman Twang is quoted as syaing “This show is all about like-minded souls, who love the music, to get together for beer and great live performances on a Saturday. Cyclops Records were firm partners of my early shows; the label had a ton of bands who we all love. It was very organic then. Cyclops would do a stall at every show offering CDs to the punters”.
Advance tickets cost £15, and they will be available soon from The Merch Desk.