Paul Lawler: New soundtrack get's a great review.

Feodor Dosumov: Great track on YouTube.

Circus Maximus: Discount on official merch.

Yes: Roger Dean sues James Cameron over Avatar designs.

Ian Boddy: Promo clip for Liverdelphia on Vimeo.

Spiral Dreams: New track posted to SoundCloud.

Keith Emerson: House up for sale.

Rick Wakeman: Narrates a documentary on the Mellotron.

Yes: Video interview with Chris Squire.

Rick Wakeman: Pays tribute to Gary Pickford-Hopkins.

Zonk-Monk: New videos posted to YouTube.

Dream Theater: Brief clip of the band recording in the studio.

Electronic Circus: Last minute line-up change to Schwingungen Party 2013.

Korg: Video of MS20 being demoed by Andrew Innes.

Saga: Very rare track played live shows up on YouTube.

Rush: Concert interrupted by Stanley Cup.

Sirenia: New audio interview with Morten Velan

Audio Cologne Project: On the radio tonight.

Jon Oliva: New interview published.

Bernd Kistenmacher: New live date announced.

Lalu: New album takes one step closer.

Virgil Donati: Free download of new track featuring Alex Argento

Filter: New video interview available.

Sirenia: New lyric video released.

Dream Theater: Finish mixing new album.

NIN: New video for Came Back Haunted on-line.

Masterplan: New interview with Roland Grapow.

Frost*: Jem Godfrey's latest update on progress towards new album.

Yes: Steve Howe answers fan questions.

Marillion: Third official Marillion Lyric day tomorrow.

Rush: New interview with Alex Lifeson.

Lalle Larsson: Guesting on new Darkane album.

Dream Theater: Short video interview with Jordan Rudess.

Shineback: New webpage open for business.

RPWL: Details of new DVD announced.

Avantasia: Press conference at this year's Hellfest.

Magnum: Announce new album.

James LaBrie: Pre-order new album and get a free t-shirt and autographed card.

Ian Boddy: 25% off sound libraries.

Jordan Rudess: New interview on-line.

Digital Horizons: New album details available.

Rick Wakeman: To tour Journey To The Centre Of The Earth next year.

Arc: Ian Boddy starts preparing for E-Live set.

NIN: Trent Reznor talks about new album and line-up changes.