Jordan Rudess: Second new interview of the day.

Jordan Rudess has been interviewed by mainly about his new music apps but also the new Dream Theater album and his own solo album. Some of the interview is reproduced below:
What made you decide to join Recombinant?
I really respect the Recombinant group. They are top-notch musicians, programmers, and business people--something I really wanted to be part of!
What will you do as Senior Artist in Residence?
I will be an evangelist for the company, spreading the word far and wide about the cool products we design. I will contribute my personal songs and sounds!
Why is an app like Jambandit so important?
The concept is to put the fan in the band! Interactivity is an important movement in the music world today. The way JB does it is really exciting to me. It allows the user/player to play really great-sounding instruments along with their song choice, while it automatically dials in the correct scale needed at every moment the music plays. The end result is that the novice (as well as even a professional musician) can have a great time!
Does allowing the listener to jam along within the app make the artist's (your) work less precious to fans? Is that a good thing?
I think it's awesome to open up the ability for the listener to interact. There is always the choice to just listen, but bringing the magic of making music to as many people as possible is just exciting!
What made you decide to start developing apps, yourself?
I knew the first time I touched an iPhone touch surface that there were so many possibilities for music-making...The multitouch of something like an iPad or iPhone opens up so many creative possibilities for music-making and control!
You can read the full interview here: