Lalu: New album making good progress.

Vivien Lalu has posted the following comment to FaceBook:

I want to thanks Ken Golden & Sensory Records for the amazing job they are doing with the CD so far. Two months left before release, and Ken and everybody are doing a tremendous job! Thank you! I find it amazing that no label from my own country never cared about the packages I sent. Got replies and proposals from various labels but NOT a single one from France. This is the only part that makes me sad. I am sad that no French label never cared about this. Tried everything. It seems every French artist I know always end up signing with foreign labels - just like I did with Lion Music (Finland) in 2005. But I don't regret anything! I'm too happy about my relationship with Sensory. America, here I come!!! Thanks for your interest! ;)

Below is a taster for the new album (Atomic Ark):