Sergey Boykov: More video from the studio for new OSV album.

A couple of days back I blogged about the new album from OSV called Genesis Effect. The album features keyboard player Sergey Boykov, guitarist Marcel Coenen, bassist Steve Sexton and drummer Gary Oppert. I also included a superb YouTube clip of Marcel Coenen laying down some guitar lines for the album. Well now K2S has been contacted by Gary Oppert to say that there is another great video of Marcel recording for the new album. Check it out below (and also the keyboard solos):

The details for the new album are:

The tracklisting for the album is:

1. Departure 4:57 
2. Observations 1:02 
3. Maximum Density 4:03 
4. Anti-Matter 3:47 
5. Sixth Sense 4:59 
6. View from Above 3:31 
7. Consequential Choices 6:25 
8. Zero Amplitude 5:17 
9. Luminosity 6:24 
10. Arrival 4:50 
11. Fading Images 1:47