Stratovarius: Jens Johansson talks out about a possible reunion with Timo Tolkki.

Jens Johansson has made the following comment on FaceBook:

I got word that Timo T (Stratovarius ex-guitarist and ex-mastermind) has been active the last few nights posting on his facebook accounts about the band, and how his long time in as the band's leader ended. I of course don't mind, free speech with ads for everyone on facebook ... also for me.

I'll just add some thoughts of my own here

a) There is no way to "choose" between the band of those days and now, other than simply to choose to listen to what has been recorded. That old line-up cannot be put together again. You can think of it as an egg that was broken and scrambled. You cannot somehow have the egg back.

The music remains thankfully, it is there for anyone to listen to, and I am proud of the work we did in those days, but they came to an end and now we have something different with a lot of new energy and ideas. The band will not just toss Matias out like some piece of trash. Either way Jörg is no more interested in re-joining than Matias is in leaving. There will be no "reunion" no matter how much he regrets what he did and no matter how much he writes about wanting a reunion.

b) The second thing is regarding all the weird stuff Timo posted on the internet in 2003-2004 that caused a lot of drama with the fans at the time. (Some younger readers here probably don't even remember or know about this, which is OK). It's a bit strange that Timo claims to have been the leader and mastermind of the band, but when it comes to that one issue all of a sudden he was not that responsible. That's not how I remember it at all, he really was the band leader at the time and all that crap was his plan.

That's a long story though and I don't think it needs more attention than it got. Timo did very similar things after that, with the exact same pattern, but less effect because there were less fans for him to provoke.

c) The third thing is about how and why he left. This is another quite long story. I also see it as being due to rational reasons, meaning "money". Which is OK, that time he made some, we lost some, we managed to sort out the financial mess he caused. I think of it as water under the bridge, especially because the result has been three great albums with many more to come. The death of one thing enables the birth of something else.

Normally we don't comment so much on this stuff, it's not because of some cover-up or shame issue, we just moved on and we don't need the attention. We're making music and that gets attention enough.

I'm as usual speaking only for myself here and NOT in any official way for the band, this is also about all I have time to say about it now, so... at least I didn't waste your time with a lot of text eh!

: o)