E-Live: Latest update from Ron Boots.

Ron Boots, electronic musician and E-Live organiser, has posted the following message to FaceBook:

E-Live 2013 - 19th of October. The Enck.
ACTS are:
- ARC - Ian Boddy and Mark Shreeve.
- ViTaL (VoLt including Tylas and Lamp)
Yes we have a triple act on stage with Micheal Shipway, Steve Smith,
Lamp,Tylas and VOLT!!! A multi musical roller coaster!!!
- "The other side of F.D.Project" Frank,s EM side of Music!
- Beyond Berlin - Martin Peters and Rene Bakker who i saw in Brussels and
gave a fantastic performance on the first Cosmic Night!!
We have sold a great amount of tickets already but there is still room enough!!
Check the http://www.e-live.nl/ 
 which we will be updating this week.

We have sold over 100 Tickets at this point looks like it is going to be full
Only 300 can come in so don't be to late to order tickets!!