Perge: Update on progress towards new release posted.

Electronic music band Perge have posted the following message to FaceBook:

I thought I'd post an update to let you know what we've been up to. It's been a busy summer and studio time has been a bit limited, this has meant it's taken longer than we'd hoped to get the latest 'Sessions' completed and released. I am optimistic however that it'll be out the door next month.
At the moment it's shaping up to be an interesting record, full of material of different styles that myself and Graham have recorded together between albums.
As it stands it'll be a 5 part album around the 50+ minute mark. We have 4 tracks that are essentially complete and ready to go plus a great 70's-esque dark sequencer track that still needs a bit of TLC to get it ready.
Will keep you updated as it nears completion and let you know when we can confirm the release date.

Thanks to everyone as always for the support, can't make this music without you.