Flower Kings: New video available.

Prog has premiered the latest Flower Kings lyric video – view Desolation Road below.
It’s taken from upcoming album Desolation Rose, due for release via InsideOut on October 28.
Mainman Roine Stolt tells Prog that the trac Desolation Road “portrays a human race hell-bent on destroying environment, peace and inner harmony.
“It’s a very dangerous path we’re on at this very now. We put profit and control of the individual before physical and mental health. It’s a world up for grabs to those who spin upon the axis of greed and individualism.
“Half the world lives without proper education, and sometimes without food for the day, while the other half live in a danger zone of consuming addictions and made-up realities.
“We have money and we have freedom and we are spoilt. We have the gift of knowledge but we constantly abuse it. And in perpetual outbursts of religious and monetary conflicts we pave the way for a true road to desolation. Uplifting?”
Desolation Rose is available for pre-order now, with an exclusive shirt bundle on offer.


01. Tower ONE
02. Sleeping Bones
03. Desolation Road
04. White Tuxedos
05. The Resurrected Judas
06. Silent Masses
07. Last Carnivore
08. Dark Fascist Skies
09. Blood Of Eden
10. Silent Graveyards