B-Wave: Belgium's electronic music festival today.

The B-Wave Electronic Music Festival, which features Ian Boddy as the main act, is taking place today (Saturday 7th December). Here are the details:

Ambient, Electro, Berliner Schule, Space music …
Synthesizers! The B-Wave Festival 2013!

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- 13h00 doors CC Muze open (full address see below)
- Concert Nisus
- Foyer concert Lounasan
- Concert The Roswell Incident
- Foyer demonstration by Manikin Electronic of the Schrittmacher & Memotron. Musical live session by Mario Schönwälder, Frank Rothe & Bas Broekhuis, presenting the new “Filter Kaffee” album.
- Concert Age
- Foyer concert Lounasan
- Concert Ian Boddy
- Approx. 22:30 end of B-Wave Festival

Stalls in the foyer:
- Manikin Records
- Manikin Electronics
- Spheric Music
- c-o-l-o-u-r-s
- Syngate Records
- Deserted Island Music
- DiN
- Groove Unlimited
- Cosmic Nights
- B-Wave
The stage acts:

Ian Boddy: Will play solo for us and we are very happy to have him on our stage! It is Ian’s first appearance in Belgium, so don’t miss him!

Age: one of the pioneers of the electronic music scene in Belgium! We are extremely happy to announce their presence at our festival presenting their new album!

The Roswell Incident: top-notch Berliner Schule, or shall we say Ghent Schule since these guys are coming from Ghent and they create fat electronic carpets with awesome sequencers !

Nisus: has won the Schallwelle Award for the “Best Newcomer 2012″, so we are very pleased to have him on stage! Furthermore, he has let us known that he will première his upcoming album for us!
Foyer acts:

- Lounasan: he makes some truely awesome ambient music and we invite you to learn about his fantastic music!

- Manikin Electronic: will demo their Schrittmacher and Memotron. On top of that: in a live performance the possibilities of these products will be shown by no one less than Mario Schönwälder, Frank Rothe & Bas Broekhuis!

When?: 7 december 2013. Doors open: 13h00. End of the festival: approx. 23h00

Where?: Cultuur Centrum “Muze” (Main front entrance), Dekenstraat 40, 3550 Heusden-Zolder – Belgium. Their website.


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Pricing: €26,- per person. €30 at the box office.