Ayreon: Guess the vocalist? number 4 posted.

Janus: New track posted to SoundCloud.

Tangerine Dream: Involved in the score for the new Grand Theft Auto V game.

Ulrich Schnauss: More tickets available for Royal Albert Hall concert.

James LaBrie: New audio interview with James and Matt Guillory posted on YouTube.

Tangerine Dream: Review of Bernhard Beibl's 2012 album posted.

Andy Pickford: Video of remastered version of The Furnace track on Vimeo.

Ayreon: Steve Hackett guests on new album.

Dream Theater: New question and answer video with James LaBrie and John Petrucci.

Amaranthe: New interview on-line now.

Epica: To release live CD/DVD/BluRay in November

Dream Theater: New interview with John Petrucci available.