Lalu: Vivien Lalu posts to FaceBook about new album.

Electronic Circus: Details of festival available.

Frost*: Jem Godfrey announces more details about next album.

Haken, Maschine: Announce joint headlining date in London.

PowerProg Europe 2013: Day tickets now available.

Digital Horizons: Remastered EP available on BandCamp.

Lalu: Atomic Ark released today.

Dream Theater: More signed copies of new album available.

Marillion: Steve "h" Hogarth to play Christmas shows.

Pallas: Trailer for new download available.

Radio Happy: New video advert on YouTube.

Jon Oliva: New interview available.

Dream Theater: James LaBrie and John Petrucci give a track-by-track analysis of new album.

Battle Beast: New lyric video released to YouTube.