Jordan Rudess: To take part in a special classical concert in December.

Jordan Rudess: Posts trailer for Rudess Morgenstein Project tour.

Andy Pickford: Posts an up-date and Nemesis to be re-released.

Tangerine Dream: Jerome Froese posts an amazing photo to FaceBook

Eddie Jobson: Set list for Four Decades concert posted.

Digital Horizons: New track posted to ReverbNation.

Nightwish: Tuomas Holopainen interviewed about "The Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck" project.

Within Temptation: New album details revealed.

Opeth: New video interview with band leader Mikael Åkerfeldt posted.

Leaves' Eyes: New video posted to YouTube.

Kamelot: Behind-the-scenes from Cologne concert posted.

Delain: Fan-filmed video of band playing new track live.

Compressorhead: To play free show in New York.

Nightwish: New interview with Marco Hietala posted to YouTube.