Remy Stroomer: Blogs about Friday's concert at the Theater De Wegwijzer.

Electronic musician Remy Stroomer has posted a blog about his band's concert that they gave on the 10th January at the Theater De Wegwijzer in Nieuw & Sint Joosland. The blog can be read here:

Remy Stroomer (synthesizers & electronics)
Martijn Scholte (bowed guitar)
Jeroen Hagen (drums & percussion)

Here are the tracks we performed:

Set 1:
1. Destination: Berlin - part 1
2. Awakenings - part 3
3. E-Live 2013 - part 3-2
4. MMIX a.D.

Set 2:
1. Zequenzzze 1
2. Zequenzzze 2
3. Improvisation
4. Zequenzzze 3

The first set contained all existing music. Track 1 and 4 are from previously released albums ("i-Dentity" and "The Great Church Trilogy"), and tracks 2 and 3 are from other concerts I did (resp. Awakenings (2012) and the E-Live Festival (2013)).
The second set was specially composed for the evening.