Frost*: Jem Godfrey posts about preparations for new album.

It appears that Jem Godfrey has a new website called ...errr ....well ...obviously. He's also posted about his preparations for the new Frost* album. Check it out below:

Right then. This is the studio as of last night. Tooled up and ready to go. 
I have a cleared a hard drive and called it “Clouda”. I’ve decided to record the whole thing at 24bit, 96khz to see if there’s actually anything in this whole super duper high frequency lark. I shall make super duper 24/96 versions available on Bandcamp (if it can handle it) when this is all done and dusted, have a listen and let me know what you think.
As ever with me, a Jem Godfrey recording wouldn’t be a Jem Godfrey recording without some kind of creative restriction. So this time I’m restricting myself to 24 tracks maximum. There’ll be no layers and layers of stuff, every noise I use will stand up and be heard.
The vid cam is on the tripod. The Avalon V5 pre-amp has arrived, I did some A/B tests last night and it had made a marked difference to the vocal sound, it’s much warmer and alive sounding than my trusty 10 year old Focusrite which is now in the skip.
 And the sun has just come out after 5 days of incessant rain, bathing the studio in a sparkling late winter light. Let’s hope this is a good omen.
Off we go…