Hawkwind: Forced to pull out of US tour.

Hawkwind have abandoned plans for their first tour of the US and Canada in decades, after a series of incidents which threatened the wellbeing of band and crew became too difficult to overcome.
In September the band said they were “insulted and angry” after former member Nik Turner advanced a legal process which, they believed, would make it impossible for them to use the band name on the other side of the Atlantic.
The added stress led mainman Dave Brock to become too ill to travel, and the tour was postponed. Then last month a series of rumours were spread which suggested Brock didn’t have a work visa, leading to the loss of at least one booking in Canada, and putting others in doubt.
Now Hawkwind have apologised to North American fans after admitting defeat.
They say in a statement: “We have tried everything – but it became a logistical nightmare. We put all out money and savings into making it happen. This huge effort has become all-encompassing, and over the last year has affected not only our lives, but those of our friends and families, and it has undermined our creativity in that period.
“To have abandoned the shows months ago would have seemed like giving up without a fight. We wanted to make sure that we left no stone unturned in our endeavours. We are all devastated.”
The band say their plans were first derailed when deposits which were meant to be paid in October failed to arrive, leaving them to front up all fees themselves. They were finally faced with the prospect of paying out $40,000 to finance the tour, while only $15,000 was guaranteed to be paid once they’d begun the string of performances.
That led them to conclude: “It would be unfair and unethical to embark on a tour where we could not vouch for the welfare and safety of our party.”
The band add: “Although Dave was not well enough to travel such a long distance in October, in retrospect it could be considered the band had a narrow escape. Arriving in America with no accommodation, no food and no guarantee of payment would have been detrimental not only to his health, but to all of the other members of our party, to which Dave feels a great responsibility.”
Despite the setback Hawkwind state they’re “not ruling out hope for the future.” They’ll play a fundraising show in aid of animal charities in London tomorrow, and their HawkEaster weekend takes place at the Gateway, Devon, on April 18-20.