Symphony X: Michael Romeo enters Hans Zimmer competition.

Symphony X's guitarist and composer Michael Romeo has entered a competition to become Hans Zimmer's protégé. Here are the competition rules:

"Academy Award® winning, world renowned composer Hans Zimmer is looking for the next composer to mentor and join the Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop, a joint venture between Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions, Extreme Music and Sony/ATV Music Publishing."

"Winners will ultimately be chosen by a panel of judges who have composed music for such films as Inception, 300 and The Dark Knight Rises, including Hans Zimmer himself (composer of award-winning film scores such as The Lion King, Gladiator, and Inception)."

Hans Zimmer created an original theme called “Destiny’s Door” exclusively for this competition, and entrants had to recompose the track using any of the stems and their own inspiration, creativity and original work, while keeping the track length to 90-120 seconds. Mike submitted three tracks:

Destiny's Triumph with Vocal Stem

Destiny's Battle with Perc Stem

Destiny's Dream with Synth Stem

To vote for a track: click the link, and then click 'Login to Score'. You will need to create a SoundCloud account if you don't have one (it's super fast to connect it to your FB or G+ account) or login to an existing account. Once that's complete, you'll be returned to the page for that track. There you can cast your vote by clicking "Like" up in the right hand corner; you can also click the "Favorite" button (over on the left, just below the track's Play button), and then don't forget to do the same for the other two tracks!

Go to the following link to hear Michael's response: