Nicolas Quinteros: New interview posted by the Klavitara festival.

Chilean keyboard player has been interviewed by the Klavitara Guitar And Keyboard Festival website. The interview was conducted by Guglielmo Malusardi and an extract is given below:

KZF: Feel free to introduce yourself to the fans.

NQ: I'm Nicol├ís Quinteros, Delta's Keyboardplayer (, and I'm from Chile, Southamerica. I've been playing with lots of artists from Metal to Pop music and I also have an instrumental project called "Q" wich is most of fusion music. I'm glad of being part of the Klavitara Zagreb Festival 2014.

KZF: Which part of your repertoire will you bring in your afternoon solo performance?

NQ: In my solo performance I will play 2 or 3 piano pieces. 2 of them composed by me and I want to play an arrangement I did for Jane Seymour by Rick Wakeman. I think that Wakeman is THE Keyboard player every keyboard enthusiast should know, specially the classical influenced players.

KZF: Describe your gear, feeling free to name eventual endorsements.

NQ: I'm not interested in endorsements since they ask you to use machines of their specific brand. Every brand has its "thing" that makes them special. For Pianos and Rhodes I use a Nord Piano. For the Hammond, of course I use a Hammond XK1. For the "all in one" keyboards I like Kurzweil and Korg. I work with the Kurzweil K2000v3 and KorgO1W/fd both are classic ones. In synth matters I work with the Korg Delta (Analog) and the Korg MS2000. I'm looking forward for the Minimoog of course (haha). I also play Theremin, the Moog Etherwave Theremin.

KZF: Your current and future musical projects.

NQ: I'm now touring in Europe performing my solo stuff and making some management for Delta. We recently released our 5th studio album called "The End of Philosophy", so I'm here promoting this new work.

KZF: Descibe your sensations about How much are you excited to be part of the Klavitara Festival.

NQ: I'm pretty honored about being part of this Festival. There is so many talented musicians with great experience. I'm waiting to learn a lot from everyone here, have a good time, and have fun. Is going to be a great experience for all of us. I must thank Mistheria for making me part of this. Thanks!!!

For more details bout the festival go here:

Below is a video of Nicolas Quinteros' band Q playing live in the studio: