Tangerine Dream: Official statement about Bernhard Beibl's departure and other news.

Tangerine Dream have made the following statement on their official forum:

Hi Guys,

In order to take out the heat a bit on recent conversations and controversial statements:

1. TD did not only stop playing with the guitarist Bernhard Beibl, TD will not use any guitarist anymore on stage, except for Edgar himself who will be playing a few tracks he originally composed. Salary and the whole money context wasn’t the only reason to depart from Bernhard, we decided to reduce the guitar parts for a new musical concept. We thank him very much for the wonderful work he did with the band and wish him a lot of luck and may his dreams will come true somewhere, sometimes.

2. Please see announcement of the forthcoming SORCERER LIVE DOUBLE ALBUM which will be shipped to you on 15th April. (We only had a small amount upfront in Copenhagen.) Pre-sale starting tonight in our STORE!

3. The concert in Copenhagen could not be filmed because of a worldwide relaunch of the SORCERER movie in cinemas around the globe. Here TD would have come into contractual conflict. SORCERER will also be released as Blu-ray in shops worldwide from April on.

4. Different sets from different TD periods will be on tour starting in May. So TD is back being the “real synth band” with the past of their luggage travelling to the future!

5. There will be more SORCERER live events around the globe – so watch our website for news during the next months.

6. Edgar has started work on SHAKESPEARE’S HAMLET opus – maybe the strangest CD out of the SONIC POEM series – release date: Autumn 2014.

7. And of course the book: Edgar’s Autobiography is still in the process of being finalized. As we have refused to cut it down and make it more “commercial” as publishers wanted it to be, it probably won’t hit the usual book stores but can be ordered of course in our EASTGATE shop. Thanks to all of you who supported our pre-sale offer, it makes the whole project possible in its full and true coverage of the TD history through all the decades.

8. We are now off for the Caribbean Sea (http://www.CRUISETOTHEEDGE.com) and will get back with more information after 15th April.