Tangerine Dream: New interview with Edgar Froese published.

An interview with Tangerine Dream's leader Edgar Froese has been published by the Le Parisien website. An extract is given below (translation by Google):

- This tour is advertised as the last.Why?

- Turn across the globe for 45 years is very long. In the future, we will focus on specific events or festivals.

- Only in Germany?

- No, not at all. Germany has never been our main market. Moreover, we have below the elbow some interesting offers from around the world.

- The tour is called "Phaedra Farewell Tour." Will you play the entire album "Phaedra" at your concerts?

- "Phaedra" was our first international success in 1974 The anniversary will be celebrated during the tour, and we will play our parts in shows..

- Tangerine Dream record other hard in the studio, or you consecrate you in your solo career?

- We are back on recording soundtracks. We have provided two albums before the end of the year, and has many other musical activities.

- You played the soundtrack of "Sorcerer" (Editor's note: "The convoy of fear" in France, William Friedkin film, a remake of "Wages of Fear") in full in April in Denmark. You have other BO you would like to play in public (me, I love "Thief" - "Solitaire," Michael Mann, or "Miracle Mile")?

- "Thief" and "Legend" are already in the pipeline. With today's technology, it's very fun to dive back into old hardware. In other words, we learn our history, for our future musical transformations.

- You work on his autobiography. It is difficult to write, and were you surprised when you are called you a few things?

- I am still amazed at how I could survive all that for four decades. It will be a very large stuffed autobiography information, not only for fans but also for anyone interested in a lifetime of artistic adventures including all possible emotional ingredients. The book will probably be released at the end of this year, and you can already order it on our website.

- It is very difficult to maintain a high quality level leaving many records. You proud remains of what you produced, or are there any albums that you'd rather forget?

- I am proud to have had the energy and the opportunity to work with many people through the years that have ultimately made the project Tangerine Dream possible. Even if I stay the leader and just the director of the show, ultimately, you have to respect those with whom you worked, and salute their creative input to maintain a high quality and remarkable originality.

- What are your favorite Tangerine Dream records?

- I am very pleased with the five discs of "Atomic Seasons" series, as well as interpretations of poems out in the past four years, "Finnegans Wake" by James Joyce, "The Island Fairy" Edgar A. Poe, "The Angel of the West Window" by Gustav Meyrink, "The Castle" by Franz Kafka.

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