Anathema: Daniel Cavanagh talks about how Mikael Akerfeldt help him through tough times.

Anathema's Daniel Cavanagh credits Opeth frontman Mikael Akerfeldt with helping him through a tough time in 2012 – although he won't discuss the details.

The two bands were on the road together at the time, and by chance they both grace Download's Pepsi Max Stage this evening.

Cavanagh tells TeamRock Radio: “I got to know Mike and to like him a lot on our tour in 2012. He was really there for me when I particularly needed somebody. I've never forgotten it and I never will – I'm looking forward to saying hello to him later on."

Anathema released tenth album Distant Satellites this week, and Cavanagh is certain it marks a high point in the band's career. He says: "It's breaking new ground for us. We've had a good chart entry in the UK, Germany and Europe. It's a good time – we have new management, we have a great relationship with the record label. We've got the best crew; we're so lucky. The dynamic in the band is so good."