Edenbridge: Trailer for Sabine Edelsbacher & Lanvall's Viociano project posted.

A trailer for the new Viociano album, Everflow, has been posted to YouTube. The new album features contributions from guitarist  Karl Groom (Threshold), Jim peterik (Survivor), Erik Martensson and Arjen Lucassen. Check it out below:

VOICIANO is the new acoustic project by Sabine Edelsbacher & Lanvall (Edenbridge)! 
The debut album "Everflow" will be released on June 25, 2014 and is only available at www.edenbridgefanclub.org
VOICIANO is entirely financed through crowdfunding. Become a sponsor now, get great packages, or simply pre-order the album now and support the production of the album!