Peter Gabriel: Review of Back To Front: Live In London DVD and Blu-ray posted.

The Genesis-News Com website has published a fairly extensive review of the new Peter Gabriel BluRay/DVD Back To Front: Live In London - The So Jubilee concerts. It was written by Christian Gerhardts and translated into English by Paul Herlitschka. Below is an excerpt:

In April and May 2014, Peter Gabriel was on the road for the third round of the Back To Front Tour, subsequently, the fourth tour leg is announced forNovember and December this year. In 2013, both London nights were filmed for a release set to be June 23rd 2014, the result will be published in several formats. You can check our reviews on each Back to Front Tour tour leg at this link.
Each concert was tripartite: beginning with an unplugged part, followed by an more darker electric set, to finally perform the whole So album in an uninterrupted full blown show.
The Tower That Ate People and Biko were then played as an encore. 

Content and formats:
    A concert film was shown in cinemas prior to the release. But this version was strongly interrupted with interview sequences sometimes merging into the song. This cinema version is included in the Deluxe-Boxset, yet the uncut version remains the core of all formats.
    This concert film is released on DVD and Blu-Ray. The single discs contain the uncut concert film as well as the short documentary “The Visual Approach”.
    In addition, there will be a Deluxe-Edition for both formats with a Bonus DVD/Blu-ray as well as two CDs that contains once more the gig in audio format.
    This double CD isn’t similar to the Encore Series, but a concert-fim mix (see below). The Delux Edition comes out as a square-cut picture book, which features photos from York Tillyer and Peter Gabriel himself. In addition there is a quite long preface that spans from the 1987 This Way Up Tour to the current Back to Front Tour.

    Notably, the new piece that was designated O But - performed during the Tour and also contained on the Encore CD’s - is now named Daddy Long Legs. Furthermore, Gabriel mentions Genesis: he confirms fan speculations that the show insertion at The Tower That Ate People pays tribute to his time with Genesis (The Lamia).

    To read the full review go here: