Andy Pickford: Posts about the Eppyfest 3 music festival.

Yesterday composer and electronic musician Andy Pikford played at Eppyfest 3, a music festival organised by the Epileptic Gibbon podcast music show and held in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Today Andy has posted the following message about the festival:

I have one word for Eppyfest 3 - OUTSTANDING!
Music festivals do not need to be lavish, sprawling events in order to be memorable and spectacular. Yesterday proved that when you get the right bunch of musicians, the right audience, the right venue, a top organiser and top sound engineer, all gathered together in one place, then you will have magic.
I knew things were going to go brilliantly when the opening act, I Am Your Autopilot, covered Klaatu's Little Neutrino - what a delight that was!
Headliners Flautatious were full of energy and just brilliant. I think all I could say at the time was "bouncy bouncy!" Well, you couldn't keep still to them - great to hear such positive stuff to end a night with.
Henry Fool were masters of their art in every dimension. The dynamics, the skill and the expression - these guys have been around long enough to master the lot and they certainly showed it. Fronted by Tim Bowness too on the night - a top bloke whose sense of humour reminds me a lot of mine. Oh, and also the the owner of one of the finest voices in the business, but that's just by the by eh! Really liked that band - great bunch of guys.
Before the mighty Fool, there was this fool here. I did okay I think. Tell you what though, I need to get fit! by halfway through my set there was so much sweat on the inside of my shades that it was like looking through a fishtank! I ended up doing a Stevie Wonder and just feeling the keys. It worked!
Before me, Thumpermonkey. Again, top dynamics and range of music throughout. Arty and serious sounding in places, and altogether fabulously unique.
I reserve my finest praise, of course, for The Fierce And The Dead. Put simply, the best unsigned band I have ever seen. These guys have the kind of stage charisma the scene is sadly lacking these days. The music is clever and technical, and damn loud!!! There seems to be an etiquette all of its very own for TFATD and it goes like this:
1) What's a soundcheck?!! Just play.
2) Everything louder than everything else shall be the whole of the law.
3) One does not sit for TFATD any more than one would sit for a punch in the teeth!
4) Expect the unexpected
5) Go nuts - because they do. You just can't help it.
At one point I said to them if they ever wanted a keyboardist I'd be in like a shot. But on further reflection, anything with keys on it means playing proper notes and stuff. This simply would not work. The only thing which would work is an old analogue sound generating synth which screams, farts, bleeps and whistles. The moment you add anything like traditional chords or melodies to TFATD this way, is the moment you cage that tiger. Oh, and it would have to be cheap and expendable because at some point you just know it's going to get wrecked!! 
Absolute top job Ian!