Doug Rausch: Announces the release date of his first official music video.

Keyboard player Doug Rausch has made the following announcement:

Calling all non-a**holes of the world:

Don't call us superstitious but... Friday, August 22nd is the 34th anniversary of Queen releasing #1 mega-hit "Another One Bites the Dust"; therefore we thought that would be a good day to debut our very first official music video for brand new RAUSCH single: "Good Day."

Directed by our good friends in NYC's JOLLY, this video is something we are extremely proud of, and hope that YOU, noble non-a**hole, can show it the love, attention, soil, sunlight, water, two (2) frozen burritos, milk, and one (1) giant cake it so greatly deserves. REMEMBER: Music History still hasn't found a way to save itself, we're afraid…..

As for the release of "Good Day" itself? Why, you'll just have to wait until Freddie Mercury's birthday for that. "On the first light of the fifth day [of September], at dawn look to the east" (or iTunes. Hey, what do you want, Gandalf didn't have iTunes).