Shadow Gallery: Gary Wehrkamp posts about working on new Rausch single Good Day.

Shadow Gallery guitarist/keyboard player has posted the following message:

SHADOW GALLERY guitarist, GARY WEHRKAMP makes an appearance as a guest guitar player on a new song, released this month, by Prog/Rock/Pop Artist, RAUSCH. The song “Good Day” was written by DOUG RAUSCH and produced by DAVID IVORY near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wehrkamp recalls the session, “I have worked with Doug Rausch in the past and have always enjoyed the experience and the results. I usually record my rhythm and (guitar) solos here at my own place, NEW HORIZON MUSIC STUDIOS, but we decided I would go down to DYLANAVA Studios in Gwenedd Valley (Philadalphia) to work with DAVID IVORY. I was excited about this and the production procedure was aimed mostly at just getting a vibe and live energy. I had heard the song before I went down so I was not completely in the dark, but I was pretty much running through a warmup when David heard some things he liked and we kept a good chunk of one of those first few takes and added some parts and harmonies. It was a comfortable and enjoyable session and the parts sound spontaneous and live. David’s recent track record speaks for itself, working with bands like ‘HALESTORM.’ My experience working with him was fun.” RAUSCH again called on the mixing talents of RICH MOUSER, who has been working with SHADOW GALLERY since 2009. The song was finished off by well known Mastering engineer, VLADO MELLER. Anadale and the guys from JOLLY (label mates of Shadow Gallery on INSIDE OUT RECORDS) got on board to direct a modern, professional video. The song has generated good feedback, hitting #1 on ReverbNation and making a stir on Radio charts such as 973THE ROCK.