Tangerine Dream: Ulrich Schnauss to join the band for Melbourne show.

Iconic electronic music group Tangerine Dream have made the following announcement:


Tangerine Dream’s “Quantum Years” will start on November 16th with the opening theme from “Ricochet” played by Edgar on the greatest pipe organ in the Southern hemisphere. Location is the big Town Hall of Melbourne, Australia, a concert organized by theMELBOURNE MUSIC WEEK (MMW) in association with Goethe-Institut.


The concert will last for about 2 hours and will be purely played on electronic and electrified instruments. Edgar’s colleagues on this very special event will be: THORSTEN QUAESCHNING: synthesizer, piano, pipe organ. HOSHIKO YAMANE: electric cello + violin, electric Erhu, electronic yangqin. ULRICH SCHNAUSS: synthesizer, piano.

More detailed information regarding this concert and other projects will be posted very soon.
PS: There will be a SECOND DIFFERENT concert by TD on 20 November in Melbourne, taking place in a big cinema of the city. More details soon!