North Atlantic Oscillation: Review of new album published.

The Drunken Werewolf website has posted a review of the new North Atlantic Oscillation album The Third Day. An extract is given below:

Fans of previous work will not be disappointed by this release. Those seeking a more ethereal edge to their existence will certainly be satisfied. The third album continues along the expansive and organic sounds of previous releases, but seems to be drifting further into the realm of dreams. The album opens with the familiar and comforting sounds of “The Great Plains II”, a song that’s well grounded but has the trembling of beginning to get lost at sea. The soft embrace of their wall of sound is immediately felt as the song kicks in and wraps its big fuzzy arms around the world. Things begin to get a little distant during the second song, but it's not until “A Nice Little Place” that the music is thoroughly lost in the mists of the sea, floating on but a whim of desperation to find solid ground once more. This hauntingly lost sound is beautiful and helps to create that depth that can sometimes get overlooked with this kind of music and the endless search for a higher crescendo.
With an almost plodding tempo throughout the album, it would be easy to drift off on the ebb and flow of this far-reaching and elusive sea of music. Of course, the downside of all of this is that it's not easily accessible to those that are not fans of this type of music. Whereas a lot of genres can cross over and be appreciated by all types of people, Post-Rock can be so intangible that it alienates people for just liking a steady beat that they can groove to. Regardless of this ambiguity, North Atlantic Oscillation make a welcome break from the tedium of everyday listening and are worth the listen if for no other reason than just to float away into the sleepless briny deep.
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