Tangerine Dream: New review of Melbourne show posted.

A review of Tangerine Dream's concert at the Town Hall in Melbourne has been posted to the Vinyl Connection website. A couple of excerpts are given below:

Part of the attraction of this gig was the inclusion of the Town Hall organ. Built in 1929 and refurbished early this century at a cost of $4.5m, this massive instrument has over 6,000 pipes and delivers over 2,500 cubic metres of air per minute (this info courtesy of the City of Melbourne site). Surely Edgar Froese could get some serious mileage out of this windy behemoth.

The second attraction was the presence in the band of Ulrich Schnauss. I have a couple of his albums and like them very much.

Edgar Froese played the introductory piece of solo organ (not sure what it was, more on identification challenges later) then the other three players entered below and the concert was off and running. Well, more standing still really: four keyboard-based performers do not make for much jumping and throwing rock ’n’ roll shapes, ya dig? The woman who doubled on violin, cello and another unidentified string instrument provided the only significant movement throughout the two-plus hours, other than Thorsten Quaeschning adding electronic mallet-triggered drums to several pieces.

There was much variation of pace throughout the set. It seemed very purposeful that a slower, more introspective piece was followed by a rhythmic, rave-like up-tempo number. Yet, when almost everything is synthesised, there is an inevitable sameness. During one piece that reminded me ofZoolook-era Jean Michel Jarre, I found myself wishing for one of Jarre’s laser-light synths just to add some physical and visual animation. I certainly would have enjoyed greater use of the Hall’s mighty organ, which only appeared as preamble and encore like musical bookends.

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