Schroeder-Headz: Great video posted to YouTube.

Nick Magnus: New solo album due out in April.

New progressive festival anounced.

Spiral Dreams: New track posted to SoundCloud.

An Endless Sporadic: Release new video.

Korg: Announce the development of a new ARP Odyssey.

Circus Maximus: Post video for archive track to YouTube.

Jordan Rudess: New video clip posted to YouTube.

James LaBrie: More video from the Elements Of Persuasion sessions posted.

Node: New album being re-pressed due to high demand.

Vivaldi Metal Project: Announce bass player.

Children Of Bodom: Drummer reveals problems with back curtailing the set-list.

Dream Theater: New video interview with James LaBrie,

Sonata Arctica: Fifth trailer for new album released.

Epica: More details about new album revealed.