Ian Anderson: New interview about solo album posted.

Tangerine Dream: More of William Friedkin's introduction to Tangerine Dream at Copenhagen.

Erik Norlander: New audio interview published.

Rene Splinter: New video blog about his second album, Transit Realities.

Johannes Schmoelling: New interview about The Keep coming soon.

Spiritual Beggars: New video interview with Michael Amott and Apollo Papathanasio posted.

Delain: New video interview with Charlotte Wessels posted.

Yes: Chris Squire writing his autobiography.

Tangerine Dream: Video of film critic Mark Kermode talking about the Sorcerer film re-release.

Radio Happy: Get your tickets for Event 2 now.

Noveria: Sign a record deal with Scarlet Records.

Yes: Jon Davison reveals that the band had to leave a new epic track off of Heaven And Earth due to time constraints.