Dream Theater: Nominated for "Best International Band" in The Metal Hammer Golden God Awards.

Sonata Arctica: Announce new festival date for August.

Destiny Potato: New track posted to YouTube.

Lalle Larsson: New album available to purchase or download.

Marillion: Announce new release.

Led Zeppelin: New interview with Jimmy Page talking about new music.

Alex Argento: Video of Marco Sfogli rehearsing in Alex's studio.

Keith Emerson: Hand delivers ELP fine art print to fan.

Beyond The Redshift: Podcast posted.

King Crimson: To release legendary Blue Tapes recordings.

Jordan Rudess: New video posted of iConnectMIDI4+.

Led Zeppelin: Jimmy Page to release photographic autobiography.

Uriah Heep: New single One Minute released.

Firewind: New video interview with Gus G about solo album, I Am The Fire.