Yes: New album to be released as 180gm Vinyl Edition as well as CD.

Rick Wakeman: New feature posted.

Win a Fab Filter Plug-in with Blend

Led Zeppelin: Win tickets to an exclusive playback.

Lalle Larsson: Live snippets of Electric Trio playing live posted to YouTube.

Alex Argento: Currently filming a video with the Marco Sfogli Band.

Brian Eno: New interview published.

Lifesigns: Announce new live date.

Marillion: 'A Sunday Night Above The Rain' Collectors box sets sold out.

Jerome Froese: Posts photos from sessions for the Melrose cover.

Dream Theater: 360° App now features the drum and guitar solo.

Pink Floyd: Dave Gilmour working on new solo album.

Hawkwind: New live date announced.

Magenta: Trinity Live show will feature fund-raising drive including many collectibles.

Led Zeppelin: Jimmy Page interviewed about re-issues in new video.