Genesis: Phil Collins donates over 200 artifacts to the Alamo.

Dream Theater: Release more tracks for their new 360 App.

Mistheria: Amazing new live solo posted to YouTube.

Korg: Introduce new App that gives you 12 analogue synths on your Nintendo 3DS.

Edenbridge: Trailer for Sabine Edelsbacher & Lanvall's Viociano project posted.

Moog: Post video about the Apollo vintage synthesizer.

Aeon Zen: Announce new guitarist.

Pink Floyd: A fan remembers the band's Royal Albert Hall concert 45 years ago today.

Yes: New track to be previewed this Saturday.

Node: New review of latest album Node 2 posted.

Steve Hackett: Behind-the-scenes video trailer for new Live At The Royal Albert Hall DVD/BluRay posted.

Paul Haslinger: New interview posted and hints at maybe working with Edgar Froese again.

Led Zeppelin: New video interview with Jimmy Page talking about the first three remasters.