Sound Of Contact: Simon Collins arrested on suspicion of drug dealing.

Vivien Lalu: To shot a video for Roland.

Prog Magazine: Having trouble choosing who to vote for?

Fantacone/La Rue: New video posted to YouTube.

Pink Floyd: New album confirmed to Rolling Stone magazine.

Cruise To The Edge: Review of Steve Hacket, Sound Of Contact and Armando Gallo published.

Dream Theater: John Petrucci talks to Team Rock Radio about the secret of the band's success.

Saga: Michael Sadler posts about the release of new album Sagacity.

Eddie Jobson: Memories Of Vienna track on YouTube.

Andy Pickford: Posts about the Eppyfest 3 music festival.

Pink Floyd: Further confirmation that there will be a new album.

Fabrizio Muratori: Great keyboard solo posted to Vimeo.

Knifeworld: New official video posted ahead of second album's release.

Tim Bowness: Releases new official video and announces live dates.