Ai Ohnuma: prologue ~ flow of time - super Japanese keyboards

Valentina Lisitsa: Beethoven "Moonlight" Sonata op 27 # 2 Mov 3 - stunning!

Brooklyn Organ Synth Orchestra: Tubular Bells with 20 different NYC female keyboardists

Opeth: Announced for Tuska Festival 2015.

Toto: New album and European tour announced.

Pink Floyd: Excellent new audio interview with Dave Gilmour talking about the band.

Inside Out Music: Offering a free download sampler album.

Kscope: Free 2014 label sampler album download available.

UK: Eddie Jobson adds one more UK show on the final tour.

Jordan Rudess: Win a collaborative song writing session,

Alex Argento: Working on new Tomasz Andrzejewski solo album.

Jordan Rudess: Appearance with Eren Basbug to be streamed live.

Theo Travis: Famed prog flautist and saxophonist lines up new solo album.